Why ?

Why do people wear masks ? What are they used for ?

Take a look at the pictures below and think about why they were made and who would wear them…

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Where in the world was each of these masks made ? Masks are a global art form – can you find a part of the world where people don’t make masks?

Find more different masks from around the world at http://pinterest.com/patsyaubuchon/masks-around-the-world/

Homework 1: Due next week

Choose 2 different masks from different parts of the world and draw them carefully into your sketchbook on opposite pages of your sketchbook.
Use different pencil lines and add shading or colour to show TONE and FORM.

Make a careful record of the country of origin, the maker, the date each mask was made and also the website that you got the picture from, at the bottom of each page.

Choose an appropriate title for the page, which tells the reader of your sketchbook what you have drawn.

Homework 2: Due in your next Art lesson

We often use the language of the FORMAL ELEMENTs to help us describe a piece of art:-

The 10 most important FORMAL ELEMENTs are written on the wall around your classroom and they are

line; shape; form; tone; colour; pattern; texture; structure; space; composition

In class, we have discussed how an artist will use different FORMAL ELEMENTS to give their artwork a specific meaning.
Perhaps he/she has used large circles [SHAPEs] for the eyes to make the mask seem frightened or he/she has given the mask a smooth texture to make the mask seem beautiful and soft.

Look at your homework from last week and
write [using FULL sentences], under/next to each drawing, a description of the 3 formal elements that best describe the decision that the artist made when he/she created their mask.

E.g. This mask was made by an artist from Japanese Kongo. He/she has chosen to use curving shapes that seem to point down towards the centre of the face – this makes the mask seem angry. The texture of the mask is smooth and shiny so it reflects bright lights and appears dramatic.